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Dream Zone B

Dream Zone A

Dream Zone 2012 National New Media Art Award, GoMA, Queensland Art Gallery  Computer generated real-time projection (1,000 x 200cm)


Meditation Wall 2012_1Meditation Wall 2012 John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Perth


Meditation Wall ISEA 1

Meditation Wall ISEA 2Meditation Wall 2011  ‘Uncontainable’ ISEA Istanbul 2011


Video projection (240 x 600cm) developed from original artworks by Karen Casey, manipulated by the artist’s brainwaves using custom designed EEG video effects software developed by Harry Sokol.

Audio design: Tim Cole with Karen Casey
Musicians: Murad Ferhad & Russell Smith



Global Mind Project: Spectacle of the Mind performances – Federation Square Melbourne 2010

Jill Orr performance (screen capture edit)

“Underlying my attraction was the idea of a global mind in the sense that the mind is capable of wordless subtle communication that is normally associated within the realms of the spirit, magic, ritual, theatre and performance art. I saw a link between the earliest oral and ceremonial traditions with those told through technology. However through this collaboration the live aural quality was also present in the activated screen presence. The mind could be seen impacting on the live and screen performance simultaneously. This is very different to a live projection used to enlarge action or interactive technology that uses sensors triggered by movements of the body. Here the mind or more precisely, brain wave activity is the stimulus for change.”
Jill Orr 2011


Stelarc (screen capture edit)

“Stelarc’s observation of his own screen phantom, which lacks qualia and conscious experience, morphs here into self projected as a being, becoming, affecting, in an animated dance of diverse facial contours and expressions. The divided screen represents the split-body evident in some of Stelarc’s earlier performances and reveals an encounter between actual and virtual, voluntary and involuntary, physical and non-physical states, image and self. Since the Prosthetic Head mirrors its human counterpart in looks, speech and facial expressions, it highlights how identity and language become fragmented, transformed, dispersed, multiple, hybrid and distorted in communications culture.”

Excerpt from catalogue text by Julie Clarke© 2010


Domenico de Clario (screen capture edit)

In addition to the onscreen visuals Domenico was able to musically interact via the Global Mind interface which was programmed to utilize his pre-recorded piano samples. At times he improvised with the sounds being generated by his brainwaves, at other times allowing the signals alone to determine the aural nature of the performance.

“Initiating a link between spirituality and technology, by entering a trance-like or sublime state of being whilst wearing the EEG headset, Domenico de Clario will blindfold his eyes, limiting his ability to see or be distracted by the exterior visible world – simultaneously facilitating and opening a portal to the invisible and inaudible world within him, that will be manifest in sounds and screen visuals as he elicits notes from a piano keyboard through pure thought or brain-wave transference. These aural resonances – singular and unique, will echo into the universe leaving imperceptible and fragile traces. Utilizing Buddhist meditation, breath and concentration techniques to alter his brainwave events, de Clario’s performance, inhabits the magical realm between the dark void of night and phosphorescence of day, evoking the complex, shadowy space of unseen human consciousness. His work resonates strongly with Casey’s, which, opens up fields of intensity between the timeless and boundless quality of inner space and the temporal, restrictive aspects of the now.”

Excerpt from catalogue text by Julie Clarke© 2010


Global Mind Project: Spectacle of the Mind 2010 (edit)




Additional video samples using Global Mind Project proprietary software, producing EEG generated animation effects and manipulations of still and moving image.

Mind Mandalas for a Modern World – Blue 2010 (edit)

Trippy Tango 2010 (edit)

Art of Mind: Meditation in Alpha 2004 (edit)