The international launch of the Global Mind Project took place at Melbourne’s Federation Square in January 2010 with an interactive screen/performance event ‘Spectacle of the Mind’.

Three of Australia’s foremost performance artists Stelarc, Domenico de Clario and Jill Orr were invited to take part in the project, collaborating with Artistic Director and visual artist  Karen Casey. Each worked directly with Casey and the Global Mind Project team to create and incorporate live brainwave generated visuals and sound into their performance using the purpose designed interface.

The performances are at once planned and improvised, allowing the artists to both shape each phase of the event according to their own creative processes as well as responding to the presence of others. Jill Orr’s performance draws on theatrical practices of mesmerism and early hypnosis; Stelarc examines the cyborg being, through the adoption of a virtual reality persona; and Dominico de Clario offers a musical and meditative performance via a mind controlled piano.