Global Mind Project is the brainchild of Australian artist Karen Casey. Developed in collaboration with software designer Harry Sokol it has evolved over several years, resulting in a unique digital interface for generating real-time audiovisual effects using Electroencephalograph (EEG) brainwave data.

The project is a development of Art of Mind, a creative research project initiated by Casey in 2004 with the Brain Sciences Institute Swinburne University Melbourne, to examine neocortical activity associated with meditation and creativity. Through the supervision of Professor Rodney Croft she underwent numerous EEG’s to monitor her brainwave activity. These recordings were subsequently used to create various printed image and video artworks.

This undertaking will eventually result in a platform for the intermingling of networked minds online, making creatively tangible those imperceptible neural interactions. In doing so Global Mind Project aims to challenge not only the nature of collaborative process but also the distinction between the mind, one self and others.


Karen Casey is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the intersections between arts, science and society.  She has an extensive creative repertoire working across various technology platforms, encompassing a broad range of traditional and new media within both the gallery and public domains. Karen has exhibited widely in individual and curatorial exhibitions since the mid 1980’s and is represented in numerous National galleries and public collections in Australia and internationally. Her experimentation with both analogue and digital technologies and her collaborations with other artists and professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds has given rise to some original interactive and hybrid art forms. While Karen’s work has taken on numerous modes of expression she has maintained an ongoing interest in consciousness and perception, referencing both ancient and contemporary modes of thought as she questions and challenges prevailing world views.

Software Designer

Harry Sokol is a highly original and talented digital effects designer and computer technician who has worked with leading Australian artists to develop custom designed software and technical solutions for a variety of projects. He has been producing applications for computers since before the PC was created, spanning a vast range of hardware platforms from mainframe to embedded micro controllers, covering areas as diverse as computer graphics to device controllers. Harry’s broad range of skills and expertise allows him to utilise the latest technological advances and to adapt existing systems in order to produce both innovative and viable installation and performance art solutions and outcomes.


Various artists have participated in this project in addition to the following regular team members

Tim Cole is a renowned sound designer and producer with vast experience in the fields of composition, engineering and production for various groups and musicians. Amongst his credits are film soundtracks, theatre sound design for Circus Oz and founding member of the seminal Australian band ‘Not Drowning Waving’.  He regularly works with indigenous musicians and communities in Australia and throughout the Pacific region and has traveled extensively gathering recordings and samples in Australia and overseas. He has been realizing audio elements for Karen’s work since the early 1990’s.

Spectacle of the Mind performance


The Global Mind interface consists of purposely designed digital effects software ‘Viseeg’ coupled with the latest in commercial wireless neuro-technology.

Viseeg is a video and midi effects compositor / generator which utilises raw digital EEG data.  By way of specific programmed commands the software generates real time effects from still and moving image files and audio samples. This can be expressed as either pure digital animation, organic looking image manipulations or cues that trigger sounds when particular brainwave thresholds are expressed in the live EEG.  The program can also be used to create individual artwork images.

EEG headset developed by Emotiv Systems